Dr. Lily Jenkins

It's time to changeThe Story of Dr. Lily Jenkins

I’m Dr. Lily Jenkins and I’m an Existence and Performance Coach for women who are tired of the mundane, stuck in the quick sand of life and want to be free to live a life of significance and intention by managing their purpose and punching fear in the face!

I'm on a mission (1)

  • grow more intelligently when it comes to your purpose
  • develop laser, sharp focus to fulfill your dreams, even while in a crisis
  • incubate over your circumstances so you ‘see’ what you want in your life, not what you don’t want
  • build richer relationships with others by harnessing Relationship Engineering™
  • collaborate effectively through the power of Purpose Accountability™
  • make clearer decisions based on your purpose so you can keep distractions at bay and achieve at greater levels
  • learn cohesive business systems that you can automate so you have time to do what you love
  • and so much more!

How my life has changed because of purpose…

A few years ago, I left a place of familiarity (teaching in the public school system) to embark on a journey I never knew would end up being my place of purpose. I took all that I owned, packed it up in an ABF truck, and was determined to start a new life. In less than four years, my life as I once knew it, was no more. I am married now to the love of my life while also being free to:

  • have the opportunity to work with some amazing women around the world, who are on the fast-track to becoming a new breed of women
  • be secure in my assignment as a leader who knows how to speak to the appetite for purpose within those I lead
  • no longer be imprisoned to my own passion because teaching is no longer what I do for a living, but what I do to cause others to live
  • understand that the purpose of my competitive spirit is to improve who I am as a person instead of competing against other women
  • realize that money can’t buy me purpose, but purpose can position me to make more money, and you deserve to experience the same.

Make no mistake!

Now I will tell you, I am no non-sense. I accept no excuses when it comes to purpose. How you invest will determine the level of success you will have. No investment, no success. Little investment, little success. Much investment, much success. You see where I’m going with this. I have a track record of results that range in developing large online membership platforms involving women from around the country, connecting women in ministry and business who love God and each other, and propelling women to doing things that never thought they could. From working with me, women start businesses with little to no money, publish books, run non-profits, launch products and services, develop blogs and courses, and so much more. You just have to make a decision….

Are you ready to work with me-

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