Extreme Purpose Makeover

What glass ceiling?

Hello Ceiling Breaker,

Purpose is a serious matter which makes this one of the most important letters you will read in your life. You are reading it because something deep within your soul tells you that there has to be more to life than your current conditions.

  • Maybe you have achieved a fair amount of success by the world’s standard, or struggling to find that one thing that makes life more fulfilling. Regardless of where you are on the success spectrum, you are hungry for purpose, and don’t know how to feed your appetite to discover what’s missing in your life.
  • Maybe you’re like millions of people who have heard that if you find your passion, you will find your purpose. Did you know that there are millions of women who have found their passion, but still have an uneasy feeling on how to transform their passion into an executable action plan to achieve their dreams.

My name is Dr. Lily Jenkins and I’m the Founder of the award winning Lady of Purpose Network. I’m honored to be leading a group of amazing women just like you who decided to take charge of their life, but life wasn’t always this fulfilling.

Teaching was and still is my passion, but I didn’t know that purpose was much bigger than my gifts and talents. I was blinded to the BIG PICTURE because I viewed life like a thumbnail.

Like so many women, I struggled to feed my appetite for purpose, which allowed me to become a generic version of who I am today!

I lived in a cosmetic world that looked good on the outside, but destitute for more on the inside. Teaching kids was a noble profession, but I knew I could impact more people, if I could master this thing called PURPOSE.

If you’ve had a similiar journey in your quest for success, I want to show you the secrets behind the rest of my story, that’s allowing me to live my dreams of working with women who are serious about breaking the glass ceiling of who they really are!

No more Excuses!

You might be saying, life is too demanding and there’s no way I have the time or resources to chase my dreams! Year-after-year, you live with your dreams only to send them to the grave of impossibility. Like many women, you lack the necessary insight on how to develop the conviction to start pursuing your purpose and the motivation to finish what you started.

I can honestly say, I know how you feel! Living on a teacher’s salary brought security, but it came with a price to live under the glass ceiling for the rest of my life. Even though teaching was my passion, I refused to become imprisoned to my own passion. I felt like my passion could also fund my desire to create a better lifestyle for my family. Sure there’s more to life than money, but I could not ignore the fact that money couldn’t buy me purpose. Something inside of me was letting me know that finding and pursuing my purpose was going to position me to make more money so I could be a greater blessing to those I love and care about.

Many women are saying what they cannot afford when it comes to living their dreams, but they fail to realize that the very thing they think they cannot afford could be the key to positioning them to afford their hearts desire. In case you didn’t know it, you are living in a time where excuses are too expensive.

“In case you didn’t know it, I must inform you that the cost of an excuse is more than the cost of finding the real you to achieve what you desire.”

You have to make a decision to break through the glass ceiling of your purpose or continue to live within the realm of mediocrity. In recent years, more and more women are making a decision to break through the glass ceiling of purpose and don’t you think it’s time to find the REAL YOU?

The time has never been greater for women to not only find and pursue their purpose, but discover how to manage the energy of purpose to make a greater impact. There are many things in your favor as a woman, but favor without a strategy to execute purpose is like trying to shop without money.

I know you might be thinking! Considering my circumstances, how can I break through to find the real me, and what do I have in common with top successful women to make an impact that matters? I too have felt that way, but I had to face the reality that making an impact in life had nothing to do with my pedigrees or my lack of qualifications by the world’s standard. Over the years, I discovered that making an impact in life had more to do with the hidden potential that surrounded who I am as a person.

Over time, I began to realize that the degree of purpose within my soul was the least expensive, but most valuable education I acquired over the years.

Success escape many women because they fail to realize that even though they have different circumstances that surround their dreams, they have one thing in common that most women ignore call the human soul. This might shock you, but everything you need to achieve massive success and break through the glass ceiling of purpose, is hidden within your soul. Like many women, you need more coaching to help wrap your dreams and vision around the source of your power so you can unleash the REAL YOU!

Maybe you’ve heard this saying from the Bible before, “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth”. Now if you start getting religious on me, you will miss out on one of the most important secrets to your success, so stay with me.

The human soul is so sophisticated that it can take extreme circumstances and transform it into a favorable opportunity to achieve unimaginable heights. You might be thinking, if this is the case, why are so many women living beneath their potential and stuck in their current conditions?

That’s a great question! Especially when women are spending thousands of dollars to attend conferences and seminars to hear the best in success motivation, only to return to a world of limitations and barriers that stifle their potential. What about the church-going women, who faithfully attend great churches, but still struggle to transform their faith into a conviction and motivation to impact the world with a greater purpose?

Are you ready to rewrite your story…

Women can no longer leave their success in the hands of chance or personal qualifications. They must be strategic in building a brand that stands out from generics. The game-changer for my life has been the purpose-oriented systems and strategies that’s allowing me to outsmart the schemes that exploit weakness in my purpose. Undergoing an Extreme Purpose Makeover has allowed me to rewrite my story to leave my mark in the world, and I’m ready to help you do the same.


  • I’m more purposeful in my relationship with God, as my assignment has expanded beyond the four walls of the church and into the marketplace to inspire a new breed of achievers
  • I have the insight and time-freedom to make sure my children know how to manage the energy of purpose for successful living
  • I understand my role as a wife who incubates over the vision the Lord has given my husband and I to leave a legacy for our family
  • I have the opportunity to work with some amazing women around the world, who are on the fast-track to becoming a new breed of women
  • I’m secure in my assignment as a leader who knows how to speak to the appetite for purpose within those I lead
  • I’m no longer imprisoned to my own passion because teaching is no longer what I do for a living, but what I do to cause others to live
  • I’m no longer confined to a purpose that’s connected to what I do, because purpose is more about who I am as a person
  • I understand that the purpose of my competitive spirit is to improve who I am as a person instead of competing against other women
  • Achieving goals has become child’s play because I know the importance of having a Sustainable Purpose™
  • I realize that money can’t buy me purpose, but purpose can position me to make more money and you deserve to experience the same.

Time would fail me to express how an Extreme Purpose Makeover has radically changed my life to impact more people while living my dreams. My objective is not to sell you on a program as it is to show you how a program can help you sell life to others. Like many women, I’ve read many letters like the one you are reading, and the main thing I wanted to know is, what am I going to get from this program and what is my bottom-line investment? Before I proceed, I believe you need to answer one question.

Are you hungry?

I’m aware that we live in a world of bottom-lines and my job is not to persuade you to participate in an Extreme Purpose Makeover without showing you the value. The purpose of this letter is to determine if you are hungry enough to take charge of your future and receive more of the things you deserve in life. When you are hungry, you will understand why I say that money is no object when purpose is on the line. You will recognize that your appetite for purpose is bigger than any bottom-line that’s connected to money. It controls your personal and professional economy and influences everything you do in the game of life.

Your appetite for purpose is responsible for:

  • your spiritual and intellectual advancements
  • how well you stay physically fit for healthy living
  • the strength of your bonds with your family and friends
  • how well you use your gifts and talents to provide solutions to the world.

If you are ready to feed your appetite for finding the real you

In case you’re thinking that an Extreme Purpose Makeover is just another coaching program, I want to challenge you with a thought that changed my life. It made me realize that having an Extreme Purpose Makeover was a necessary component for living the life I was designed to live.

It states, “Life is not a playground, but it is a game that must be played with a strong sense of purpose in order to win”.

I’m sure you will agree that the game called life is filled with many challenges that will impede your progress toward your dreams. Instead of changing the world, sometimes we feel like the world is causing us to change our minds about who we are as a person. Even though I’m a Certified Life Coach, it didn’t take me long to realize that I needed more than a goal-setting program to help me fully discharge my purpose. I noticed that my challenges was softening my impact and if I did not do something about it, I was going to have a meisrable existence the rest of my life.

As a woman, you might not know much about the engine of a car, but you realize that harsh driving conditions can decrease the performance of an engine. The invention of the engine gave birth to an industry to help train qualified mechanics to keep them in good running condition. The same is true for the human soul. The harsh driving conditions for women in the twenty first century will reduce your their impact over a lifetime.

Not only will your dreams become a distant memory, your impact within your family, church, community and the marketplace will suffer as you struggle with your existence and performance as a woman.

Don’t you think it’s time for an Extreme Purpose Makeover?

The fact remains, life is too precious to leave in the hands of untrained professionals who are not qualified to work on the engine that drives who you are as a person. Your sophistication extends beyond goal-setting strategies to unleash your potential. By Intelligent Design™, you were created to execute strategies that allows you to outsmart a world that exploits weaknesses in your purpose. Your key to success is hidden in the choices you make over your lifetime and in order to make better choices, you must fine-tune your purpose.

It’s time to pull over and fine-tune the engine under the hood of your soul, so you can rewrite the codes for your personal and professional success.

When it comes to the human soul, the margin of success is a matter of purpose and not circumstances. The human soul was designed to provide synergy between Purpose, Potential and Performance. Unlike traditional coaching programs, my Extreme Purpose Makeover is an impact-tuning system that gives you:

  • the systems and strategies to manage your purpose with 100% accuracy
  • the coaching insight to discover and unleash hidden potential that’s guaranteed to help you capture your Unique Imprint™ for maximum impact in life
  • the conviction and motivation to remove 100% of the insecurities and fears that create performance barriers to achieve your personal and professional best

Now you see why I became a Certified Purpose Development Coach because I knew the sophistication of a woman required systems and strategies to unleash potential at a greater level. Are you tired of living in a world of cosmetic enhancements without a genuine enhancement within your soul? If so, keep reading…

The World of Enhancements…

My Extreme Purpose Makeover is designed for the everyday woman who live in a world of enhancements. Women natural propensity for enhancements have been their hallmark for years and have built two of the world’s oldest and most successful businesses. The founders of both Avon and Mary Kay saw an opportunity among women that allowed them to impact women from all walks of life as they helped them enhance their beauty both inside and out.

From the beginning of creation, women have been improving the state of humanity as Eve helped Adam improve his standings within creation. Women have mastered the art of enhancing their outward beauty and have embraced the fact that their inward beauty is just as important.

However, they come up short with an inner beauty that restores the glory of a woman that matches her outer beauty.

My Extreme Purpose Makeover is the catalyst for inspiring a new breed of women whose inner beauty surpasses their outer beauty. They know they aren’t better than the people around them and realize the more people they help get better, will improve their standing in life. This is the real you that allows you to move beyond the skin deep beauty of a woman. Your true beauty is “soul deep” where your appetite for purpose gives you meaning to exist and a purpose to perform in a manner to leave your mark in the world.

The only question left to answer answer is, what is the price for finding the real you? I’ve discovered that the benefits listed above is priceless and are available for every woman to enjoy. You cannot put a price on where I used to be vs. where I’m currently in my life.


Your investment will allow you to receive:

  • Six months of personalized one-on-one coaching for two hours per month
  • Your Extreme Purpose Makeover Strategic Planning Guide to help you formulate a strategy and track your progress
  • My exclusive Lady of Purpose Accountability system to help you master the systems and strategies of your Extreme Purpose Makeover
  • A copy of my new book, Lady of Purpose: 300 Thoughts That Inspire, Move, and Transform You into an Unstoppable You
  • A free ticket to my bi-annual Lady of Purpose Conference or one of our live Extreme Purpose Makeover Seminars

Every woman has the potential to live life under her own terms, but some choose to live it under conditions that others have created. When it comes to purpose, some women are imprisoned to a below average existence and performance and many choose to remain in the ranks of average.

High Purpose IQ™ women:

  • realize that an Extreme Purpose Makeover is not an option, but necessary for the harsh driving conditions for women in the twenty-first century
  • are Ceiling Breakers that refuse to settle for average and detest being imprisioned to the ranks of mediocrity
  • realize that purpose is their greatest resource and refuse to live their life without a strategy to unleash its potential
  • realize that purpose is more sophisticated than their gifts and talents which allows them to create the best opportunity for success as a person and a professional
  • understand that achieving goals is difficult without a Sustainable Purpose™
  • understand that purpose is the hottest brand on the planet and skilled in using it to build a brand that people know, like, and trust
  • understand that purpose is the game of champions and realize the need for a coach who understands how to strategically use purpose to bring out the champion within them

A Woman on a Mission…

The day I made a decision to transition from my teaching career to follow my heart, I was determined to be a woman on a mission. My mission as a Lady of Purpose is to take totally determined, passionate, and extremely capable women from where they presently are to where they want to be. My passion as a coach is to help them find their Unique Imprint™ in life, so they can position themselves to make their greatest impact.

If you:

  • are satisfied with shooting for the moon, only to hit the Glass Ceiling
  • don’t see the value of building a Sustainable Purpose™ around your goals
  • don’t see the value of building a strategy to harvest the energy of purpose
  • are satisfied with not being able to answer life’s most difficult questions about your purpose
  • are satisfied with not seeing how you can be a part of a BIGGER PICTURE
  • are content with the excuses you’ve made for not succeeding in life
  • don’t see the value of having a trained professional to help you unleash the potential of your Intelligent Design™

… my Extreme Purpose Makeover is not suited for your mission in life!

However, if you are ready to experience a journey in purpose that will radically alter the way you succeed as a person and a professional, let’s get started!


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