You Don’t Have to Live Your Life Dissatisfied

Do you feel dissatisfied? You may think you have every right to quit, to walk away from life, feeling like you have no purpose. Hey, it’s your life, right? Wrong! In life, we are given plenty of chances to experience life, learn lessons, and grow from the obstacles that we face every day. No it’s not easy! Yes, you will falter. You will have failure more times than you will have successes. But that’s the name of the game. That’s life! But one thing is certain, in the end, if you stay in the game and don’t quit, you will win!

Don't stay in a place of despair

Do You Know What is in Your Beauty?

The Lady of Purpose Network is now incorporating guest posts into its blog to promote and encourage its members to write about aspects of their purpose and how it is benefiting them from a business perspective. Today, the founder of Lady of Purpose Network would like to introduce member, Karen Scott, as our first guest blogger. “Do you know what is in your beauty?” Read what she has to say!

As we can see, times are changing, and women are taking control of their health. Yes, they are striving to eat right and exercise. But they also seem to be more mindful about the kind of makeup they are purchasing and wearing. So, I ask again: do you know what is in your Beauty? Whether you are looking to try a healthier makeup, or never wore makeup, I know for sure we have what you are looking for in a mineral makeup.

What is in Your Beauty?

Prevent Burnout by Doing These 6 Vital Things

Anytime a woman pursues her purpose, she risks neglecting the small but important things that renew her mind, body, and spirit when just trying to make sure everything gets done and it’s completed in excellence. It’s in that time that many factors contribute to her feeling consumed, lacking the proper nutrition and rest needed to refuel her body and strengthen her resolve to just get through another day. The dynamics of a woman is more than just being a wife or even mother, but many are leaders in their own right. A high power executive, CEO, doctor, lawyer, or even a judge are some of the labels many have. But pushing too hard can create a feeling of overwhelm that can be far too much to bear.

Don't suffer from burnout

6 Things You Can Do Immediately to Improve Your Health

Can I just be real with you today? Many health challenges could be eliminated if we only paid attention to the tell-tell signs that our bodies give us. Many know what to do, but choose not to. We enjoy eating and eating delicious foods, but many of those foods are processed with ingredients so extreme, if we took the time to truly read through all of them, it might make us rethink our eating habits. But instead, we just assume it won’t harm us. And more and more people each year suffer from heart attacks, strokes, many chronic health conditions, and even death. All it takes is a little willpower and education in order to make simple lifestyle changes that can transform our lives from the inside out, faster than even exercise could do alone. So I’m going to share 6 things that each of us could do to improve our health, one day at a time.  

Improve your health in 6 ways

How Having a Strong Purpose IQ™ Can Lead to a Healthy Lifestyle

Over the years, women’s health has become an increasing concern for women from all walks of life. Many advocates for healthy living have emerged in a short period of time to educate women on the various threats to the female body. Through education, women are becoming savvier in taking better care of their bodies, but there’s a hidden contributor that’s connected to a strong sense of purpose for a healthy lifestyle.

businesswoman on a road ready to run. Motivation concept