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Welcome to Lady of Purpose®! 

We are truly a diverse set of women with many talents, skills, desires, and abilities to make a serious impact in the world. Many are stay-at-home mompreneurs, others are corporate women who blaze new trails, while even others are in marketplace ministry. Regardless of what role they play, they are determined to be a force to be reckoned with in regards to purpose! Make sure you get a cup of coffee, relax, and take some time to peruse our site. I’m sure you will find insight that will feed your appetite for purpose for every area of your life. We surely aim to please because we know how hard it can be to be everything to everybody and yet not have that same support system for yourself. Well, allow us to be that and so much more! We like to call it “Purpose Accountability”. It’s the opportunity to find like-minded people, who are doing the thing and making it happen, and link up with them, thus both going to the finish line and celebrating each other once you ‘make it’ there. You will find that in this network. You may already have some questions about our network. So we would like to do our best at this time to answer some of the most common ones.

This is where you can come to get all things “PURPOSE!” It provides inspiration, empowerment, and purpose-oriented solutions for your life and business. My mission is to bring tools to women that will catapult their lives from just existing and not truly living to a place of prominence and abundance. So this blog covers four spectrums. They are: Health, Fashion, Lifestyle, and Success. You will see these as tabs to the right sidebar of our homepage. Each of these speak to the total woman. All of these aspects must be fed in order for our lives to be in balance and in complete fulfillment.

I also have a Lady of Purpose Podcast. There, I cover similar topics. It is available on SoundCloud. Subscribe to any one and receive my podcast free every time a new one comes out.

My goal is to provide rich content for women who wear so many hats, and yet, need the strategies to manage it all so that their biggest concern can be more about loving themselves, their family, and doing their passion and purpose, the one God intended for them to do.

I typically post 4 to 6 times per month. Fridays are normally for our guest bloggers. If you’d like to write a guest post, email me at info@ladyofpurpose.info.

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How can I hire you as a coach?

I have various coaching programs that aid women in turning purpose into a resource for their life and business. Some include:

If you have a need that is not one of these above, I can also customize a solution just for you!

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I only work with: determined, driven, passionate, and extremely capable women and take them from where they presently are to where they want to be. It is where they find their Unique Imprint™ in life. One that is synonymous to who they genuinely are but have a hard time releasing it. The only true way of getting there is through purpose. These could be C-suite executives or high-achievers, but definitely boundary breakers! Money, time, and resources don’t define these women, nor does their physical make-up, nationality or ethnicity. There’s no excuses when it comes to purpose! Purpose is the foundation of everything in life. Without it, you’re lost. But with it, you’re UNSTOPPABLE!


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