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Your Purpose is Your Passport

Your Purpose is Your Passport

[guestpost]Lady of Purpose Network would like to introduce guest blogger and author, Charron Monaye, as she discusses a topic that is right up our alley, Purpose! Let’s hear what she has to say…[/guestpost]

If someone walked up and asked you, “Who are you”, what would you say? Would your answer reflect on who you are or who society has told you to become? Every day we wake up, we are forced to make choices, make attempts, and make opportunities happen while building connections, receiving degrees, and securing jobs or careers. We are forced to take care of our responsibilities in order to keep bills paid, food in the fridge, a roof over our heads, and gas in the car. But does accomplishing this define who you are or your purpose in life?

Understanding who you are will ultimately help you seek out and live within your divine purpose. Too often are people confused or either unsure on what their real purpose is in life, what they’re passionate about, and who they are, but that’s okay. Some of us go through life never being able to answer that question and others fly through guessing along the way. Before we get into know your purpose, let’s examine things that will show you that you are not living in your purpose.

  • People-Pleasing;
  • Seeking validation from people;
  • Finding people to make you happy within;
  • Living within someone else’s vision.

Feeling the need to do any of these things is a guarantee that you are not living in your purpose. Your purpose is something that is used to motivate, inspire, and educate you to become the best version of yourself as you journey through life. Your purpose is your definition and answer to the question, “Why was I born?” What where you born to do, to achieve, or to overcome? Every single one of us was created for a special purpose, but it’s within life’s lessons, experiences, and journey that we fully digest and own it. When you are living in your purpose, you are happy, at peace, and content with doing the following:

  • Loving yourself unapologetically;
  • Walking in your space feeling fulfilled;
  • Accepting opportunities that belong to you;
  • Celebrating your own success.

If you are living within your purpose, I applaud and congratulate you on a job well done. However, if you are not, let me help you get on track. You are so deserving to be in a place that is going to lead you to your destiny, regardless of what others may think or say. Some of things you can do to help you towards your purpose are:

  • Learn every element about you ~ When you know what makes you happy, what makes you ticks, then you will find your talents, skills, and what doesn’t work for you.
  • Go to different events ~ Trying new things will help you think outside of the box and get you to see the world outside of the bubble that you allowed people to put you in.
  • Go back to school ~ Research a major or a skill that you truly love and become knowledgeable in it. When you enhance your knowledge, you strengthen your ability and chances to achieve!
  • Love yourself ~ When you love yourself, embrace your flaws, and accept your gifts it becomes that much harder for society to recreate you. You have to own you in order to live with you.

Your purpose is your passport to travel through life to embrace your destiny. So don’t continue to live without knowing, and once you know, enjoy it. Look at it this way; your purpose belongs to you, so why not learn it so it can make this thing called “Life” that much easier to appreciate.

Charron Monaye is an established author committed to achieving artistic excellence by using her pen to raise awareness regarding social issues and enhancing positive relationships and self-love. Mz. Monaye is an award-winning, independent author with titles such as: “My Side of the Story”, “Living Laughing and Loving My Way Through”, and her upcoming release “Love the REAL You”. She is the proud mother of 2 wonderful sons, Christopher and Craig. She is a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Epsilon Rho Zeta Chapter & Order of Eastern Star, Ruth Chapter #66 (PHA~ PA).

Email: charron.monaye@gmail.com

Website: www.penlegacy.com

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  • Fatima Livinginthepromise Lewi

    This article is right on point! I’ve been struggling with some of these issues. For a long time I let others define who I am and what I should be doing. I realized that God has given me a job to do and to not let anyone take me away from that. God Bless you and keep up the awesome work and inspiring others to be the best that God created them to be!

  • Pen Legacy

    Fatima, Thank you for taking the time to read. I believe we all have become victims of “allowing” others to control, dictate, and define our purpose. But today is the perfect day to cease that behavior and own your life again. Your purpose was created the day you were born and no matter how others may try to deter you from it, it will never leave your soul, spirit, or heart. So today, I challenge you to elevate your calling, determine how you are going to execute, and go for it!!! I am here to support you, if needed!!

  • Cheryl A

    Awesome! I found my purpose about two years ago and it’s was definitely a life changer! Great points, and hoping it motivate readers to go out and try, go out and ask questions to LIVE PURPOSEFULLY! ~MrsDiva703

  • Pen Legacy

    YES, MrsDiva703!!!! To live purposefully is such a rewarding thing and one that many people live their lives trying to do. I am sure this article will help get the motivation train running for many of people. I am also available to answer any questions that hit this message board. Let’s activate our purpose today!!!

  • Kay Pitts

    Before reading this article, I was always my worst critic and always asked the same questions like many of us do all the time “Why cant this happen,” or Why didn’t I do this or get this”… Well, this book answered everything. To put it simply, it is up to me to make something happen or for things to change in my life. I no longer beat myself up about anything anymore, instead I am embracing myself and figuring out my best qualities to put them to good use to make a change in my life.. Love love love this article A must read!!!!

  • Pen Legacy

    Thank you Kay, and yes you are so right!!! Your life requires you to make something in it. People can lead you, lend you, and provide for you, but it takes you to get up and receive it, fight for it, or take it! Your purpose lies in your hands!! And YES, use all of your qualities, positive habits, and talents you to get you where you want to go. You have not lived, fell, and stood again for you to get here and forget the struggle. Use everything in you to get what is rightfully yours. Thanks for commenting!

  • King

    This is definitely a good read and I am very impress with Queen Monaye ability to pinpoint and adress a much needed method or methods to help us address the person with in. Her pen has help me greatly and inspired me beyond great measures. Queen Monaye I bow before you. Thank you for allowing us to share your gift. God bless you!


    • Pen Legacy

      Oh you are so welcome sir!!!! When you identify your purpose, you identify the mere reason for your existence. Keep living in yours!