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4 Signs You are Sabotaging Your Own Success


Can I be frank with you?

We are so close to our next accomplishment, achievement, open door, or opportunity. So close we can taste it. Do you see it?

We have been praying, fasting, deep down into our work, and believing that at just the right time, we will ‘see’ the effects of all we worked so hard to produce. However, what we say to ourselves during this time determines what we see.

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Many times, we can be buried in our own thoughts, that we miss the rainbow at the end of the tunnel. Do any of these thoughts sound familiar?

  • I have too many things going against me, I’ll never be successful
  • I had the money but something beyond my control caused me to have to wait on what I truly desire to do with it
  • I was waiting on ‘so and so’ to help me, but when I call, they are never available
  • I can’t become a _______ until I go back to school and get a degree for it
  • I can’t, I don’t, I won’t…. you know the drill.

These suggestions that we keep feeding into will delay the very thing that we have been attempting to achieve.

And this is not all.

There are 4 distinct signs that indicate you are sabotaging your own success….

1. You take no responsibility for your own actions.

It’s important to know when things might be to our detriment and be woman enough to take ownership and correct the wrongs we err in, especially if it is within our control to. But when we are blind to our ways, it shows a lack of character and a sense of entitlement that we should be given things that we didn’t work for or that were left to our own devices. We should seek forgiveness and attempt to learn from our shortcomings, whether in business or in life.

2. You’re not willing to go through the process for achievement.

Nothing comes to us overnight; nor does it come by accident. Most times, it’s through hard work, sweat, and some tears. But when we’ve crossed the finish line, we are better for it and can appreciate it more when we worked to get it. There’s a certain level of discipline that comes when anyone goes through the process of achievement. Slothfulness or as some may call, outright laziness, will not get us anywhere. So the next time we complain about others’ success and how they were able to live that kind of lifestyle, let’s think about the process they had to go through, the back end circumstances they faced, and the times they had nothing and no one to assist them, before a judgement call is made.

3. You’re not willing to celebrate and/or work with others who want the same things as you.

We can’t expect others to celebrate us and what we’ve done if we ourselves have never celebrated or honored anyone. That goes without saying, but for many, it needs to be said. If you are privy to working alone, you’re going to find yourself alone, when you really need others to aid you. Get out of your comfort zone and away from your past and how others treated you, and step out to meet others. You never know who is being sent your way, at just the right time, that has your heart and can lock arms with your vision. You may even find strength in working together. Two are definitely better than one. Celebrate the purpose of another woman.

4. When things go wrong, you go with them.

How many times have we stopped or delayed doing something towards our future success simply because a crisis came? We developed amnesia about it almost immediately because what we once committed to doing we chose not to because our money quickly became funny. It happens to the best of us. But we need to create the habit of building a sustainable purpose towards our goals even when situations arise that want to put us out of commission. When things go wrong, don’t go with them is a phrase a friend of mine used for the title of his book years ago that still resonates today.

success depends on you

When are we going to look fear, failure, and defeat in the face and say “NO MORE”? Success depends on you! Success is not only for the rich and famous. Success is a part of our intelligent design and must make up our thoughts, speech, and actions daily.

Now that you know the things that could be delaying or aborting your achievements, let’s do something about them. I want to invite you to a very special elite opportunity by surrounding you with women who only want the best for you and their own lives and will do what’s necessary to see growth, organically. There’s very limited space, but only for those I believe are ready for more. If you are…

  • no non-sense
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  • want to celebrate others while also being valued, and
  • can commit to a year-long process by investing in developing a sustainable purpose towards your goals

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