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[Audio Blog] I was born to create!

I was born to create audio blog

Think you’re not gifted enough to create? Think again! “I love the idea of couture and its emphasis on creation. That’s where I made my name – in design – and there’s where I’d like to stay.”  – Jimmy Choo

There’s so much that we can do with just a little know how and a whole lot of persistence. When you get a little insight into things you may be interested in but don’t know how to do, you begin to turn from being a novice to having more of a working knowledge into those skills. Then before long, you’re an expert and can teach others how to create the way you do. All it takes is a consistent desire to achieve what you think you couldn’t do before.

We were created to do more than just sit and watch everyone else hone their crafts and be experts in their fields. As unique as all of us may be, we also have something that someone else needs. That may sound far-fetched to some, but think of it this way. With over one billion people on the planet, don’t you think for one second that the playing field is too small in your niche. The world is your oyster, as some say. You just have to be present and willing to be recognized for what you do.

Listen to my audio message below as I show you how we were all born to create in this world. God is the Master of creation! If God could do it in six days, surely we could create something inspiring and full in influence if we just admit that we can and go about getting it done. People are waiting on your gift!


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