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coaching ladyCoaching in purpose allows accountability to be your number one mantra in life. One, you’re accountable to God. Two, you’re accountable to your coach, and third, you’re accountable to yourself. Once you’ve made a commitment to change, you won’t let those close to you down, but more importantly, you won’t let yourself down. Coaching in purpose also puts things into perspective. It allows you to take an outside-in approach to life. You reflect more on you and your role in society and not at the outward appearance of what others do around you. You become more responsible for your actions, which in turn, increases your productivity and lifestyle. Allow purpose to be your guide today. Take a look at our one-on-one and group coaching plans to see if one or more are a fit for you. Invest in yourself!

60 Day Performance Intensive

If you ever needed a good push for achieving goals and an accountability partner to celebrate your success, this is for you! Take one big goal, put it into bite-sized chunks, and develop a plan of action to a significant difference in 60 days with this performance intensive!

60 Day Intensive

Lady of Purpose Mentorship Program

A Lady of Purpose realizes that in order to embrace her true value, she must be mentored on an ongoing basis. She refuses to leave her impact and dreams under the guidance of wishful thinking. A Lady of Purpose set her sights on what she wants to achieve in life. She manages her purpose, discovers and releases potential, and increases her performance to make it happen. She is destined to leave her mark in the world. Discover the power of Lady of Purpose mentoring.

LOP Mentoring

Extreme Purpose Makeover

Success in life requires mastering the little things that will bring extreme results, and extreme results are the product of an extreme purpose. An extreme purpose cannot be achieved until one master the process of empowering the human soul to wear the imprint of purpose in every facet of life. It’s when Life’s Purpose becomes a strategic alignment of two worlds, in order to cause the “Best You” to surface so that you can impact the world with your Unique Imprint™. These are four critical areas of human existence and performance that determine the degree of success a person achieves in life. Every woman must realize that her soul is desperate without managing these key areas with purpose. Just because women live in a cosmetic world doesn’t mean you have to live with a generic version of who you are. Why settle for a generic “You” when you can experience the real “You” in my Extreme Purpose Makeover? To see if your needs is a good fit with what I provide, click below and fill out our short application.

EPM Program

Sphere of Influence Academy

Sometimes all we need is the right connections to make the right impact in our business. The right people can put you in front of influential people and present you with the right resources that will catapult your message and land you great opportunities. But you must be ready for what comes. Having the right business model means nothing if what you’re presenting doesn’t make sense or is not attractive to those that may need what you have to offer. The Sphere of Influence Academy will brand your business with purpose so that it can stand out, gain influence, and make a significant impact with those you serve. Click on the link below to learn more and to take part in this highly sought after program!

Sphere of Influence

Exclusive VIP Day 

Learn what you would about starting and sustaining a business in one day than most will during my 3 month Sphere of Influence Program. Work over my shoulder to get insider tips and tools to begin your business or up level your current business systems for optimum success. Head to Atlanta, GA for a VIP experience like never before!

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P3 Elite Mastermind Society

  • How would you like another level of accountability in taking your purpose and turning it into a passion for increasing your profit potential?
  • How would you like to be included with other like-minded ladies who have an idea, a business, a ministry, and/or dreams they wish to accomplish?
  • Are you serious about achievement and are tired of the excuses and lingering around those that use them?
  • How would you like to accomplish in 12 months what you normally couldn’t in years?

You can have all of this and more in my 12-month elite mastermind society! (Enrollment is not open at this time).

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