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I’ve got to say that I’ve done something that I’ve never quite done before. I am a giver. I love to give, especially when I know in doing so, will not only help the receiver, but me too! You seem to reap a harvest greater than the person you gave it to, right? 

The Bible does say,

So I love sowing into opportunities that will best benefit my family. I am a researcher. I love to research things on the Internet for my business and that I can go back to my husband and say, “Babe, I found this. You may want to take a look at it.” And, no lie, what I find is most of the time what we actually need at the present time. It’s so awesome what God does. I believe He uses me to assist my family in our growth and development as a company.

What happened this weekend is nothing short of amazing to that very fact.

Master Your Money Event

This past Thursday through Sunday, I spent time at the Master Your Money event with Monica Shah. You’re probably wondering, how did you meet Monica? And the only thing I can say is through researching. I needed someone at the time (about 6 months ago) who I didn’t know on Facebook, so it takes the bias and judgement out of the space I wanted to be in. I wanted someone with tangible results (proven to take men and women from where they were to where they wanted to be with $$$$$ to show for it) and someone who has a story of her own. Yes, a story. Because if I can’t relate to you, I can’t learn from you.

You may want to write that last statement down. Or better yet tweet it:

She had a story of humble beginnings, but came out on top by learning from the best and realizing that her story was not the story of her true self. She worked hard and is now at a place of abundance and can share it boldly from a place of truth that really inspires me.

That, to me, is a Lady of Purpose.

So, to make a long story short, on Saturday, at the conference, I invited my husband to come and sit in at the luncheon they provided for all attendees who were interested in going forward with her in her Money Club. I’m so glad he came. After the days’ events and talking to others who, too, were a part of the Money Club or Her Platinum programs, we were sure we wanted to be in that space.

I’ve had coaches before in my business. Coaches that helped me with pricing my products and services and coaches who helped me create structure and organization in my business. I learned a lot from them that I’m totally grateful for. I’ve had so many successes over almost 3 years of Lady of Purpose with many testimonials to prove it. Now, it’s time to go where I’ve never gone before. With a supportive husband and God on my side, I CAN’T LOSE!

Is this exciting for me? Absolutely! Is it a bit scary? Sure enough! Do I get knots in my stomach just thinking about what I just did! YES, INDEED! But a year from now, my whole life will be different and I would have done the same again, if given the chance.

It’s important for all of us to make some sacrifices in life. Things totally out of the ordinary. Things so big it scares you. Because remember, purpose is bigger than the moment you are in. It’s bigger than your circumstances. It’s even bigger than yourself. And because of that, you have to do things bigger, bolder, and with more faith than ever before.

A Lady of Purpose is a Lady of Faith. She is determined to stand in her truth and walk in her purpose, NO MATTER WHAT!

How does investing in you reap benefits beyond dollars and cents?

  1. You take more responsibility for what you’ve bought into
  2. You get more wisdom and insight you didn’t have before
  3. You learn from those that are where you want to be
  4. Your mindset shifts from one of excuses to one of ‘Let’s do this!’
  5. Your actions line up with what you say to create a momentum that cannot be stopped
  6. You begin to sit with a different class of people who did it and have proof that it can be done

I’m so excited about the direction of Lady of Purpose and the Purpose Development Brand. There is proof that you reap what you sow!

**If you’d like to discuss how you can shift your mindset to allow purpose to be your guide in life and business, sign up for a free 30 minute impact call with me by clicking the link below!



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