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Dr. Jenkins is the consummate Lady of Purpose who realizes that the true mark of a Lady of Purpose is measured in how she communicates her messages to those she’s trying to reach. Every word must be filled with insight to ignite a sense of purpose in the hearers. Her transparency invites her audiences into her world to reveal personal flaws as weaknesses in purpose. She is skilled in using her insight to purpose to break down barriers that challenge the existence and performance of women. As a Certified Purpose Development Coach, she helps women to repurpose their lives to make a maximum impact for their family, community, and business.

Dr. Jenkins speaks at many events on the topics of Leadership, Networking, Best Practices in Education, Productivity, Work/Life Balance, Relationships, Effective Communication, and Purpose-Oriented, Human Development and Growth Strategies. She has spoken at many faith-based organizations, corporations, women’s events, public school districts, colleges and universities, expos, and civic organizations.

If you are looking to blow a fresh wind of purpose in your next women’s event, book Dr. Jenkins as your workshop, seminar, conference, emcee, or keynote speaker. Her passion for helping women raise their Purpose IQ™ is guaranteed to give your participants an experience in purpose life never before. 

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What can you expect

Here’s what you can expect from Dr. Jenkins and her team:

  1. A prompt, professional reply by either phone or email of your speaker request.
  2. A personal phone consultation from someone on my team to gain the necessary information about your event , so we can better understand how to meet your needs.
  3. An announcement about your event on our blog and social media channels.
  4. A professionally prepared presentation (or sermon) that caters to your audience and conference/event theme.
  5. A quick follow-up communication after the event with someone on my team to make sure I met your expectations.

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About Dr. Jenkins

Dr. Lily Jenkins is the CEO/Founder of Lady of Purpose, for high-achieving, barrier-breaking women in business. It is the world’s most purposeful network for women. She aids women in turning purpose into their greatest resource. An award-winning, online, content delivery training organization, Lady of Purpose prides itself on having thousands of unique visitors to its website each month and members from around the country who receive coaching 24/7 to help them see the ‘BIG PICTURE’ in regards to purpose. Dr. Jenkins is an author of ten books, including the ever popular, Lady of PurposeWalk in Your PurposeThere’s Hope for the Weary, and Married on Purpose, a book she co-wrote with her husband, Apostle Donald Jenkins. An ordained Elder, Dr. Jenkins works alongside her husband in spreading the message of purpose through their training and consulting firm, the Purpose Development Institute, in Atlanta, GA.

Dr. Jenkins speaks at many events on the topics of Leadership, Networking, Best Practices in Education, Productivity, Work/Life Balance, Relationships, Effective Communication, and Purpose-Oriented, Human Development and Growth Strategies. She has spoken at many faith-based organizations, corporations, women’s events, public school districts, colleges and universities, expos, and civic organizations. She has been interviewed on various television stations including TBN and featured in Ebony Magazine. She has written for PreachingWoman.com, Stiletto Woman Magazine, and Lifehack. Named one of the top twenty-five women who inspire by Hope for Women Magazine, Dr. Jenkins is also the recipient of the Stiletto Woman in Business 2014 Distinction of Excellence Award and the Unstoppable Woman’s 2014 Mentor or Coach of the Year Award. If you are looking to blow a fresh wind of purpose in your next women’s event, book Dr. Jenkins as your workshop, seminar, conference, emcee, or keynote speaker. 

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Based on the premise that purpose is one of the most mismanaged resources in business, Lady of Purpose and our flagship company, Purpose Development Institute specializes in: 

1.) Helping individuals from all walks of life leverage the power of purpose to put their career on the fast-track.

2.) Helping corporate leaders develop a Corporate Purpose Strategy to maximize the potential of its workforce.

3.) Providing a purpose-oriented solution that will rewrite the codes for diversity in the workforce.

4.) Helping individuals manage the marriage space with a greater purpose.

5.) Helping coaching professionals develop advanced coaching skills to position them to add more value to their clients.

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Video Clips

Dr. Jenkins speaks for conferences, non-profits, corporations, and even emcee for galas and fundraisers!

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Speaker Topics

Developing a Healthy Purpose Lifestyle Balance™

Each of us lives, work, and interact with a system called the “Wheel of Competition™”. It consists of your career, friends, family, physical needs, intellectual needs, and spiritual needs. All of them make up one’s purpose. If we fail to balance these 6 key areas, we jeopardize losing the things that mean most to us. Purpose is the driving force of everything we do. Without purpose, we only exist in a world void of substance and meaning. However, with purpose, we tap into our unrealized potential and we perform at a higher level. Learn how to develop a healthy Purpose Lifestyle Balance and why we need it to be effective in what we do.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn what makes up the “Wheel of Competition™” and why we need it to be effective in what we do
  • Learn the difference between our appetite for power and our appetite for purpose
  • Learn how to develop a healthy Purpose-Lifestyle Balance™ in each of the 6 areas

Speaking Publicly and Purposefully: Mastering the Art of the Successful Pitch

When faced with top C-suite executives or big power players and decision-makers, it’s important to know who you are, what you do, and who you serve. Your voice signals to others that you’re an expert and a credible source. And when you focus more on what they are buying and less on what you are selling, you will effectively craft a pitch that speaks volumes and makes the buyer want to know more. Get ready for a very interactive session!

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the ‘real’ meaning of speech and why it’s important to master your mouth
  • Learn the ‘secret’ to an effective handshake
  • Craft your message so that you can sell in the front of the room without sounding ‘sellsy’
  • Learn the 6 components to a successful pitch
  • Learn various pitches for different situations

Developing Purpose Partners in the Game of Life

Doing things on your own requires one to be a self-starter. Having an innate drive to do what could be deemed impossible takes hard work and determination. For some, having people around them for accountability pushes them beyond themselves and into a place of purpose faster than what they could do alone. Learn the keys to finding the right people to hold you accountable to your purpose in life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the meaning of ‘Purpose Accountability’
  • Learn how to tell when you have a “Purpose Partner” in someone or when you simply have a distraction
  • Learn three things that all “Purpose Partners” do for those they are connected to
  • Learn how to network to find your specific “Purpose Partner”

Why Purpose-Driven Businesses are the Most Profitable Businesses

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, less than 50% of small businesses successfully make it past four years of operation. Although there are many factors that contribute to the low success rate, many believe that the leading cause is linked to capital. However, many entrepreneurs fail to realize that purpose is a resource that drives the business model when capital may be scarce. A good business plan will get them started in business, but a good purpose plan will keep them in business. Learn to expand your awareness of purpose as an abundant resource for business success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mastering the art of service with a purpose
  • Introduction to Purposeneurs™
  • Building a Sustainable Purpose™ for your business
  • Your Unique Imprint™ and business success
  • Feeding the appetite for purpose vs. the appetite for power
  • Making purpose-based business decisions
  • Purpose and Profit alignment
  • Stakeholders with purpose
  • Business world purpose case studies
  • Wearing the PURPOSE Brand
Five Steps to Moving Past Your Pain
Many feel that their baggage from a painful past prevents successful relationships.  We listen to the devil tell us that we will never overcome or that God will never forgive or move us to the next level – we’ve done too much!  With failed relationships, miscarriages, and death of loved ones, Dr. Lily thought that change would never come. But the power of prayer and a new lease on life caused Dr. Lily to become an overcomer.  Dr. Lily shares the five steps that brought her from her painful past into the glorious revelation of the future that awaited her.  These steps will catapult you into the path for bountiful blessings:
      • Recognize the source of your pain
      • Recognize that forgiveness comes from within
      • Let God line you up for the transition
      • Prevail from your painful past
      • And, finally, plan your exit strategy!

For Educational Institutions:

The Teacher of the Year: A Celebration of Purpose for Educators

For years educators have been overworked and underpaid! In many cases, they have not been recognized for their contribution to our society. It doesn’t take much to realize that considering what educators have to endure throughout the year, their plight can drain their emotions. In order to rectify this flaw in our educational system, school administrators select one teacher for the most coveted award in the school called – Teacher of the Year. Unfortunately, only one teacher can claim this highly visible award, while others have to find a way to remain emotionally engaged for the rigors of the classroom.

Teachers are an intricate part of producing our future leaders, and it’s an atrocity that due to lean budgets within school districts, they have to suffer from a lack of celebration of their purpose. Corporate leaders make healthy salaries and bonuses to celebrate their purpose, and athletes sign multi-million dollar contracts for their purpose to feed our appetite for sports and entertainment. In each case, their success was the product of a teacher who impacted their life.

The Teacher of the Year initiative is designed to give educators practical tools for the classroom to inspire teaching excellence through the power of purpose. It takes into account that only one teacher can win the Teacher of the Year award, but it doesn’t exclude others from mastering skills to celebrate their purpose.

Many teachers know the purpose of education, but only a few have an education in purpose. The Teacher of the Year training initiative is designed to help educators:

  • Sharpen their purpose as an educator in order to inspire teaching excellence that unlocks the potential of the students.
  • Develop insight that will help them rewrite the codes for being an educator.
  • Master skills that will help them increase their passion for education.
  • Transform the classroom from crisis management to Purpose Management.
  • Master the secrets to help raise the student’s passion for education.
  • Master communications skills to help students forecast their future with a greater purpose.

Bullying: Forms and Facts to Prevent Children from Becoming Statistics

Bullying: Facts and FormsOne out of 4 children in the United States is bullied by another child on a regular basis. Every 7 seconds, a child is bullied. Eleven percent of adults intervene, 4% of other children intervene, while 85% of the time, there’s no intervention involved, leaving children exposed to violence (Buckfire & Buckfire, PC). Many of them suffer verbal abuse, physical abuse, and cyber-bullying. Those children, oftentimes, suffer in silence, unbeknownst to parents that anything is going on.

Teachers have an opportunity to see first hand the taunting, teasing, pushing, and even verbal attacks more so than anyone else because of the length of time these children are in their care. Learn the forms, facts, and prevention methods that can possibly save a child’s life. (For elementary schools, this presentation also includes Dr. Jenkins’ book, “An Act of Forgiveness”, a story of bullying with end-of-story questions for active discussion.)

**Children can also benefit from this presentation during school assemblies as its crafted and catered specifically to them in a non-threatening, safe matter. Students will learn the various forms of bullying, effects of bullying, what to do when they’re approached, and even ask questions that will lead to a caring discussion.

Tips on Purity for Teens
Often independent and self-absorbed, teens can also be unsure and very naive when they find themselves in tempting situations, particularly sexual temptation. Dr. Lily is transparent in sharing with teens from her own past experiences what to do and what not to do when it comes to staying pure in a promiscuous, everything-goes society.  Dr. Lily encourages teens to:
      • Stay Focused
      • Set the Atmosphere
      • Guard Your Heart
      • Trust Your Instincts
      • Seek First to Understand
      • Maintain Your Standards
How Do Your Children Grow? Helping Your Children Grow into Godly Men & Women
Like flowers, it takes time and cultivation for children grow and mature properly.  They need appropriate nourishment and care to blossom into the beautiful men and women God has called to be. Dr. Lily shares how God took her thorny upbringing, filled with abandonment and neglect, and used it to make her the well-adjusted woman, mother, wife, and educator she is today.  Dr. Lily has a great love for children and many wonderful insights to share with other parents.
Talks can also be customized to your organization’s needs.

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Partial Client List Dr. Jenkins at WWLG 2013

  • E.P.I.C. Leadership Conference, Atlanta, GA
  • Wilberforce University, Wilberforce, OH
  • Rockdale County Public Schools, Conyers, GA
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., Atlanta, GA
  • Ladies Atlanta, Atlanta, GA
  • The Unstoppable Woman Conference, Atlanta, GA
  • Every Woman Works, Inc., (A McKesson Sponsored Event), Atlanta, GA
  • Global Impact Ministries, Stockbridge, GA
  • Center for Manifestation Worldwide, Tampa, FL
  • St. Thomas Missionary Baptist Church, Bolton, Miss.
  • Women of Light Ministries, Danbury, CT
  • New Covenant Christian Church of the Triangle, Durham, NC
  • Righteousness Ministries, Marietta, GA
  • Women of Purpose Conference, Dublin, GA

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2010- First place winner, Pine-Sol Powerful Difference Contest (Featured in Ebony Magazine)

2014- Top 25 Women Who Inspire by Hope for Women Magazine

2014- Distinction of Excellence Award, Stiletto Woman in Business Awards

2014- Mentor or Coach of the Year, The Unstoppable Woman Awards

2014- Gamechanger of the Week -Featured on award-winning blog, Women are Gamechangers

2015- Small Business of the Week, Sage Small Business Awards

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Here is what a few other event sponsors said after Dr. Jenkins spoke for them. These are just quick excerpts.

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